Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Boogie Is Three!

The Cake seems to have put her in some sort of trance...look at that face! possessed I'm telling you POSSESSED!

I spent 5 hours working on this ridiculous Birthday Cake! My friend Amy came to the rescue in the 3rd hour which allowed me to shower and scream at kids to clean the house, then head to the store to actually purchase a gift for the 3 year old going on 13! and i thought Sophie was bad..?

My 2 Princesses ( I use that loosely) posing for the camera! What cheese buckets!

Let the festivities begin...45 minutes behind schedule...Oh well, I'm sure somebody else cleaned the church that night, right?

7 Pizzas for 5 adults and 7 kids...a miscommunication got us 2 extra pizzas...cold pizza for breakfast anyone? good thing Amy took home 2. We still have 2 in the fridge!

The anticipation..... "Open this one first" as all 6 little kids "help" her!

She loved her Singing Cinderella card! Remind next year..that is all she needs..and maybe some new tap shoes!

She was so excited! She loved being the center of attention on her special day!

All 3 candles were out with 1 BIG BLOW!

After she blew out the candles, she grabbed one and licked it! (a Sparks family tradition) she ended up licking the wick end of the candle and burned herself..this pictures shows her rubbing her finger. She was a little shocked and embarrassed.
So, that is it! Nora is three! She had a wonderful time and can't wait to start Dance on the 31st! What a big girl! I asked her what her favorite thing about her birthday was and she said "the cake and bubbles and opening my presents and getting a balloons and giving them to everybody!" SUCCESS!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

Happy Easter, 2009!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

You Wanna Be Friends With Her? not so much.

It's April and Spring has disappeared!
Spring where did you go? Why have you left me? You seemed to have started this relationship off really strong. Why have you given into your white, cold, fluffy friend?It seems she may be influencing you to do things. Don't get me wrong, I like her. She is a welcomed comrade...just concerned she has overstayed her welcome this time.... And don't think that I am jealous, 'cause I'm not! I'm just concerned about our friendship and think that maybe you need to think about where your relationship with her might lead you. Maybe you should hang out with a few other friends for awhile. How about I have a party and you can invite a few other friends to join us? I like that bright, warm, yellow one you have! If you invite her, I'll BBQ outside on the patio! Tempting isn't it?

Was that too Dramatic? Maybe? Well, I can't help myself. I have so much planned this month I can barely stand it! Maybe we ALL need a party or 2 or 3 or 12 to attend or... Boutique Shopping is always a good way to cure Spring Fever Right? (sorry to link to my other blog but these shows are super cute and fun if you are into shopping or looking even...AND I'm poor so go buy my stuff!)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

5 years old!!

On January 30th Sophie turned the BIG 5-....well just that, the BIG 5! We decided a few years ago that we would only do birthday "Parties" on significant birthday years. So like 5, 8, 12, 16. So Sophie got to have a party this year and we wanted to make it extra special. She had told me that she wanted to have a "Princess Pony Party", whatever the heck that is. So we began planning...

We started the day off with presents from Mom and Dad...
A pack of gum!... since our children are not allowed to have gum until they are 5! She was thrilled! We could have stopped there but we didn't...

Sophie got dance clothes and dance lessons... 2 leotards with matching skirts and tights and both tap and ballet shoes!!!Her first lesson was THAT day!But not until after a little breakfast... I always TRY to ask the kids the night before their birthday what they would like for their Birthday Breakfast...They usually choose a stack of Birthday Pancakes (a stack of homemade pancakes w/ sprinkles and whipped cream) and that is what she wanted!

Check out her pack of gum sitting there...she is still carrying it around in her backpack!

Sophie and Nora both were excited to get dressed for dance lessons even though Sophie was the only one actually going...Nora accessorized well this day and all by herself.

Sophie was a little nervous to be going to dance but as you can see, that gum in her cheek kept her calm until we arrived at Mrs. Dena's and I made her spit it out!

We had planned to have her party the following day but later in the day I became VERY sick and ended up at the Urgent Care...I found out I had Strep and Meningitis so the party had to be postponed until the following week.

We started the party off with a few games like Horse, Horse, Pony and Pin the tail on the Pony....but only after everyone put on their very own"ponytail" that I made out of yarn...they tied them around their waists and took them home as party favors along with several other "pony" items.

I spent most of the morning making this cake...I didn't have a pattern but as many of you know, I think I can do anything and so I did...You can see how the icing fell into the cracks after I moved it from it's original spot...Oh! well. They are only 5 and the kids thought it was FABULOUS!!!

I think she got ALL five candles on her first try! Lots of air for a 5 year old!

All of the girls enjoyed their cake and ice cream...

Then we opened presents! and watched a princess video. Sophie loved her party and I really think it made her feel special. She told me that now that she is 5 she can make better choices!

I love her dearly...I can't believe she is 5 already. She is growing up so fast! Love you Sass A Frass!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sophia Wood - Photographer

I found these pics on my Iphone one day...I don't when they were taken exactly but I do know who took them. Sophie is obsessed with fashion, modeling and photography! Check out her version of a Fashion Photo Shoot.

I have found a few other "photo shoots" that I was unaware of...I will post more pics as they become available!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Gettin' the Boot!

Last night I went to dinner with a few friends (for my birthday). As we talked we discovered that most of us our bloggers (do you have to be good at it to be considered a blogger, right? cause I'm obviously not). Anyway, a few of my friends told me that if I didn't update SOON that I would be removed from their precious sidebar space because I NEVER update my blog. SORRY! I didn't know anyone even read my blog, much less that I had landed a spot on the sidebar! ya go girls!

Where should I begin? Let me check to see what I last posted about....HOLY CRAP! It has been a long time... at least since I "really" posted.

November 30th I loaded all of the kids into the Odessey and hit the road. I had been wanting to go to California to see one of my dearest friends & her family for YEARS! We had been talking on the phone alot and she was aware of my business so she called and asked me if I wanted to come out and do a show at THE CLUB we worked at together when I lived out there. She also said she would have an open house at her home.

It took us 11 hrs. to get there. The kids were exhausted and shy. It only took 5 minutes for them to warm up to their new California friends...They spent the next 2 days hanging out with their long lost cousins, Nitz, Nitz and NiNi Holladay! They loved every minute of it. Then, I took them to the Golden Gate Bridge...

IT WAS FABULOUS!!!! As you can see the kids were super excited to be there. Ladd was very brave and Nora was an absolute dream...Sophie on the other hand, was a little protective & bossy! lol! HOLY CRAP! am I the biggest idiot inthe whole world or what? I don't think we even made it past the waters' edge. Mybe next time. Here are a few more pics form my iphone.

The sun was fading fast and we had not yet been to the BEACH!! We ran back to the car but, not without ANOTHER potty break and headed for the nearest "beach". With the help of the Garmin we made it to China Beach with just moments of sunlight left.

The Following pictures are of our experience...the photo above is by Ingrid Talar. I hope you don't mind that I stole if off the interenet...

Once again! It was Fabulous...The lkids wouldn't even step foot onto the sand. The waves were crashing, dark was upon us and "those big Rocks were Freaking us out.."

The kids loved the Palm Trees..Ladd kept saying "I can't believe California has Hawaii Trees!"

I tried to explain to them that the Bridge was the one that we had just come from...They didn't care. They just wanted to leave. There were no crabs or sharks to be seen so what was the point of us being at a scarey beach.

The Pacific Ocean!
Next time we go to the beach, there will have to be LOTS of sunlight! The way we all prefer it!

So, Ladies...that is all I have time for at the moment...Stay tuned, More Blogging to come!!! Am I still gettin' the Boot?