Friday, October 31, 2008

Good Things Utah!

We went to the Good Things Utah show and sat in the audience a month or so ago and gave away a gift basket to the studio audience there. It was so much fun! After the show we got to meet the hosts and they asked us about our products and told us that we should come back and do some giveaways for Tues. and Thurs. trivia. They were so nice... they said "we need to get some of your stuff so we can wear it on the show." So, about two weeks ago we went back to the show and met with Angie, Nicea and Reagan (Marti was off that day) and we left them all with some products and a large gift basket worth over $75 to give away on a trivia day. One Wed. they announced the prize for Thursday trivia and talked about Demi-Dos a bit and then on Thurs. they gave the prize away to a lucky viewer named Julie ( she blogged about her winnings... here)

Congrats Julie! I hope you will enjoy your winnings!

I am very excited about the opportunities we have been given with demi-dos we have some exciting things coming up so stay tuned!

p.s. I am trying to get the 2 clips of the trivia things so that I can post them online for you all to see!

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Ok. So...I tagged myself. Lame. I know but, I loved Anita's post with me in it and decided that it might get me excited about blogging again. So, 4th pic in 4th album in my Pics....

This picture is from last Fall...zuichinni harvest! My oldest sister Chantal came out for Women's Conference. We had a great time making zuichinni bread going to the Corn Maze and eating out at Ruth's Chris!

I tag anyone who reads this! Go!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It's Ladd's Birthday!!!!! It's My Birt-day?

Every year for the Kids' birthdays I try to start off the day special either with decorations to come downstairs to, breakfast of their choice or a special party of some kind. This year we had decided that Ladd wouldn't have a "party" but, we still wanted "his" day to be special but, I kind-of spaced it until just a few days before and then kind-of forgot that he had a soccer game that morning and we wouldn't have time for IHOP (his favorite breakfast place). So, I improvised...
Ladd got to have homemade pancakes with Mrs. Buttersworth's Syrup and lots of Candy sprinkles! I had some of the candles left from Nora's birthday last month and sprinkles too so we decorated the triple layer of pancakes and he was very pleased!

Nora is still a bit confused about the whole birthday thing...her b-day was in Aug. and I don't think she's gone more than a day without saying.."is my birt-day?" She knows that she is 2 now and seriously thinks that EVERYDAY is her birthday! so, she helped Ladd blow out his birthday candle that morning.

I think he's excited about the triple stack pancakes!

They ALL were...they wouldn't even look up to smile for the camera.

One down, two more to go...

"Is my birt-day!" she says.

The next day...we had a Jason approved birthday cake with more sprinkles and fun curly candles! and presents!

Happy Birthday Ladd! What a Big 6 year old we have.

& a big 2 year old too!