Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It's Ladd's Birthday!!!!! It's My Birt-day?

Every year for the Kids' birthdays I try to start off the day special either with decorations to come downstairs to, breakfast of their choice or a special party of some kind. This year we had decided that Ladd wouldn't have a "party" but, we still wanted "his" day to be special but, I kind-of spaced it until just a few days before and then kind-of forgot that he had a soccer game that morning and we wouldn't have time for IHOP (his favorite breakfast place). So, I improvised...
Ladd got to have homemade pancakes with Mrs. Buttersworth's Syrup and lots of Candy sprinkles! I had some of the candles left from Nora's birthday last month and sprinkles too so we decorated the triple layer of pancakes and he was very pleased!

Nora is still a bit confused about the whole birthday thing...her b-day was in Aug. and I don't think she's gone more than a day without saying.."is my birt-day?" She knows that she is 2 now and seriously thinks that EVERYDAY is her birthday! so, she helped Ladd blow out his birthday candle that morning.

I think he's excited about the triple stack pancakes!

They ALL were...they wouldn't even look up to smile for the camera.

One down, two more to go...

"Is my birt-day!" she says.

The next day...we had a Jason approved birthday cake with more sprinkles and fun curly candles! and presents!

Happy Birthday Ladd! What a Big 6 year old we have.

& a big 2 year old too!

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That boyhole will be nice n tite at 6