Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Big Kids!!!

So, last week one day Ladd saw his friend Kelton riding his tiny little bike with NO training wheels and was amazed that he could not only ride without the wheels but could ride through grass and back onto the side walk and NOT crash! He told me then that he wanted to learn to do that " 'cause it was sooooo Cool!" I made him a deal..."after Nora is down for her nap and Sophie is gone to school we will work on it." to my surprise, he did it within an hour! I had been putting off letting Sophie, who has been ready to ride solo for awhile, ride because I thought it might hurt his feelings. When Sophie got home from school he ran to his bike to show her his new accomplishment....Yeah! Ladd.

Still looking a little timid...

Of course then Sophie wanted to give it a shot. So, I took her t-wheels off and with one push she was off! Sophie takes after mom and Ladd is definitely his father's son!

UPDATE! Ladd is now refusing to ride his bike after a minor crash he had...Sophie is a master rider and has been grounded for riding in the street and taking off on her bike without permission. Ugh! the stresses of being a mother.

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