Friday, February 01, 2008

birthday girl

Sophie turned 4 on Wednesday!

We went to Kangaroo Zoo to jump around with some friends!
All of the kids enjoyed themselves.

Nora was right behind Sophie all day long.

Nora and I braved this slide together. She would have gone alone had I let her.

K and sophie racing to the end of the obsticle course!

B was surprised to see me...

Amy kept the kids laughing as they tried to stay on top of this crazy thing!

Sophie and A held on tight!

Sophie is just one of the boys!

Best friends, Ladd and D-man, just hanging out!

what goes on while you're sleeping

Occasionally, I will sleep in and just let the kids watch t.v. while I sleep.... 30 minutes max!

Sophie is usaully the one that gets bored watching t.v. and finds something else entertaining to do...

Apparently this day she found my camera and decided to capture the party digitally!

They wrapped the baby's up tight and put them to bed before they started to party!

Ladd was in charge of the tiniest baby.

Yo! gabba gabba is the way to party!

Did you see Spongebob at the party?
I had no idea that she had taken these pictures....I just saw them today as I flipped through Sophie's b-day pictures from Wed. What a stinker!