Friday, February 01, 2008

birthday girl

Sophie turned 4 on Wednesday!

We went to Kangaroo Zoo to jump around with some friends!
All of the kids enjoyed themselves.

Nora was right behind Sophie all day long.

Nora and I braved this slide together. She would have gone alone had I let her.

K and sophie racing to the end of the obsticle course!

B was surprised to see me...

Amy kept the kids laughing as they tried to stay on top of this crazy thing!

Sophie and A held on tight!

Sophie is just one of the boys!

Best friends, Ladd and D-man, just hanging out!


~j. said...

Look at your princess, all growed up.

And look at you with a blog. Fantastic. That's what I like to see.

Is Kangaroo Zoo worth it? My kids keep asking if we can go...

Anonymous said...

I want her p---y