Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Boogie Is Three!

The Cake seems to have put her in some sort of trance...look at that face! possessed I'm telling you POSSESSED!

I spent 5 hours working on this ridiculous Birthday Cake! My friend Amy came to the rescue in the 3rd hour which allowed me to shower and scream at kids to clean the house, then head to the store to actually purchase a gift for the 3 year old going on 13! and i thought Sophie was bad..?

My 2 Princesses ( I use that loosely) posing for the camera! What cheese buckets!

Let the festivities begin...45 minutes behind schedule...Oh well, I'm sure somebody else cleaned the church that night, right?

7 Pizzas for 5 adults and 7 kids...a miscommunication got us 2 extra pizzas...cold pizza for breakfast anyone? good thing Amy took home 2. We still have 2 in the fridge!

The anticipation..... "Open this one first" as all 6 little kids "help" her!

She loved her Singing Cinderella card! Remind next year..that is all she needs..and maybe some new tap shoes!

She was so excited! She loved being the center of attention on her special day!

All 3 candles were out with 1 BIG BLOW!

After she blew out the candles, she grabbed one and licked it! (a Sparks family tradition) she ended up licking the wick end of the candle and burned herself..this pictures shows her rubbing her finger. She was a little shocked and embarrassed.
So, that is it! Nora is three! She had a wonderful time and can't wait to start Dance on the 31st! What a big girl! I asked her what her favorite thing about her birthday was and she said "the cake and bubbles and opening my presents and getting a balloons and giving them to everybody!" SUCCESS!