Wednesday, March 26, 2008

newlywed update

so i decided that i would try and post this week since i haven't in about 2 months or something. i just never feel like i have much to say...and i'm busy doing other stuff. so, now there's the dilemma...what the heck do i write about?

i guess i could write about Easter and how cute all the kiddos looked at church on sunday or i could tell the story about how ladd comes to me every few days with a new product that we need to order off the t.v. or even give an update on the newlyweds...maybe i will get to post on all 3 of these things. i think i'll go with the update today since it is probably the littlest amount of typing and i have a TON to do today.

so in february i went to missouri to visit my is always exciting since i don't get to see them often. the trip started out crazy because they had been having ice storms for a few days and some flights had been cancelled. my flight was not cancelled but was over booked and i was traveling with nora on my lap. the flight is a 3 hour flight and i was ready to get off at an hour into the flight! i was renting a car since the drive is another 2 1/2 hrs. to my home town. however it took nearly 4 hours to get there since the roads were covered in black ice. i saw nearly 50 cars off the roads during my travels that evening. luckily i made it there safely in my bright blue crysler PT cruiser (dumbest car ever) but was exhausted. i knew that my sister and i were going to be going to see my parents at my grandma's house the next morning so i went to bed soon after arriving at her house.

i had heard that things were going well with the newlyweds and both my mom and dad sounded happy every time i had talked to them on the phone. i was feeling a little nervous about seeing them though. i don't know if it was fear of thinking it was a mistake that they had gotten remarried or what, but i was both nervous and excited to see the 2 of them together.

when we got to my grandma's house that next morning my dad greeted us on the porch with about a dozen chickens. nora was thrilled! my mom was standing just inside the door and seemed very happy to see us and very relaxed. i was pleased. they both seemed so happy. we kissed and hugged and made it to the living room and sat down. i made a few newlywed comments and they laughed. my mom pulled out some pictures that they had had taken at
wal-mart. they were nice. i noticed her ring in the pictures and checked out both of their rings as we talked. (my mom had only ever had a simple band and my dad lost his in the river, year's ago). so, the rings were a sign that this was all very real. we sat and visited for a while and then my sister and her husband took off with my dad to checkout a four wheeler that he had recently purchased. this left me alone with my mom for a while... i asked her how things were going and she said good, NOW. of course i questioned the "NOW" and she told me that they had argued and she was ready to leave. she thought that she had made a mistake. she said my dad said that they should talk and this made her even more angry. i was confused. she said to him "it's been 43 years and NOW you want to talk?!" he said "yes. i think we should talk". she decided that they probably should this time and they did. she said "things have never been better". we stayed and visited the rest of the afternoon. i watch them interact with each other and they seem genuinely happy. we had a great visit there that day. nora and i even took the new four wheeler out for a drive.

it just goes to show you that people can change, never give up and communication is key. the things you learn from your parents...hum. i pray that i don't make the same mistakes that they have and/or that when i do make them that i am not so proud that it takes 43 years to make things right.
i talked to my mom a few days after i got home and she said that they had been out riding the four wheeler and were covered in mud. she said that it was the most fun she had had in years. she said "we are really enjoying each other".

i love my parents i am so grateful for all that they have taught me. i am so proud of them and the example that they have been for me. it hasn't been easy but, i would guess that it has been worth it!

what have you learned from your parents? anything?


AzĂșcar said...

Way to narrow it down, nitz. What DIDN'T I learn from my parents?

Xena said...

Hooray! I'm so glad I can keep updated on you through your blog too! My blog address is so we can continue our forever long visiting teaching visits...
I definately learned faith from my parents, what I didn't learn, that list could go on and on, but I still love them!

AzĂșcar said...

You know, my parents taught me to that was important.

Super Angie said...

My parents have taught me so much. Here are two things: 1st. Giving. They give so much to so many people. When they lived in Germany, they helped the poor and needy and they helped the missionaries. In Australia, it was all about visiting teaching, multiple times a month to homebound members. In Russia, its about donating goods to the needy.
2nd: don't judge others. Who cares if they have long purple hair and earrings and look like freaks--they are still children of God. My parents taught me this through example.

Okay...this has made me want to go blog about my folks...

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