Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Pics...Belated

happy easter!
nora would only make this weird "cheese" face when i got the camera out... oh well. she's still a cutie.

sophie posed nicely...she "looks" so sweet. would you had ever guessed that she is the one that dumped out a whole bottle of baby powder in the floor on saturday?

the 3 amigos or the 3 stooges?
the kids were "cheesing" for me on the front porch. they were all 3 wired after only having had 5 jelly beans before church. i think the Easta Bunnie will be coming on sat. next year.

ladd was looking very handsome in his argyle sweater and seersucker shorts. i love this cute and such a sweetheart.

not quite sure what ladd is doing here but, nora sure looks cute...and sophie too.

looks like the Easter Bunnie didn't get the laundry in the washer before church....good thing we all had new outfits! "Thanks, Easta Bunnie". It was a lovely day. Hope you all had a good one too!


Super Angie said...

Cute kids, cute Family, Cute YOU! I love that polka-dot dress!

nitzwood said...

Thanks Super are too kind.

Jen and Emma said...

Oh man have such cute kids. You look beautiful as well! What a great family.

Lucky Red Hen said...