Wednesday, April 01, 2009

You Wanna Be Friends With Her? not so much.

It's April and Spring has disappeared!
Spring where did you go? Why have you left me? You seemed to have started this relationship off really strong. Why have you given into your white, cold, fluffy friend?It seems she may be influencing you to do things. Don't get me wrong, I like her. She is a welcomed comrade...just concerned she has overstayed her welcome this time.... And don't think that I am jealous, 'cause I'm not! I'm just concerned about our friendship and think that maybe you need to think about where your relationship with her might lead you. Maybe you should hang out with a few other friends for awhile. How about I have a party and you can invite a few other friends to join us? I like that bright, warm, yellow one you have! If you invite her, I'll BBQ outside on the patio! Tempting isn't it?

Was that too Dramatic? Maybe? Well, I can't help myself. I have so much planned this month I can barely stand it! Maybe we ALL need a party or 2 or 3 or 12 to attend or... Boutique Shopping is always a good way to cure Spring Fever Right? (sorry to link to my other blog but these shows are super cute and fun if you are into shopping or looking even...AND I'm poor so go buy my stuff!)

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luckyzmom said...

Yes, the weather is tricking us here too. Woke to a dusting of snow yesterday. Ridiculous!