Tuesday, January 08, 2008

where to begin?

ok. where should i begin? i am taking the plunge. my first post and i'm not quite sure what to say...hum. oh.i know....
my parents just got married! yep. they have been divorced from each other for 15 years and they just got remarried. back in the summer sometime i got a call from my dad letting me know that he had had a change of heart and that he knew it was time to forgive my mom for all that she had done. (it is a long list so we won't go there) he was having some health problems and she had come to be with him while he went through the worst. during this time they talked alot and decided that they still loved each other and that they were going to get remarried. weird. but, cool! i love them both and want them to each be happy together, or not.
so, the plans were to get married in Dec. on or around their original wedding anniversary but then plans changed to accommodate out of state children and a few other things. the plan was to wait until spring when all 7 kids and all 16 grand kids could be there to witness the blessed event. well, on Dec. 30th (the anniversary) i get a phone call from my mom. i asked about my grandma that was in the hospital with a possible broken hip and internal bleeding. the report was good. grandma was stable after 2 blood transfusions. i was relieved. i had no idea that the next thing to come out of her mouth was going to be " i have some news...your dad and i got married today."
LONG PAUSE................
"are you upset?"
"a little. shocked i guess....where? why? i thought we were all going to be there."
apparently no body knew. only the bishop and 2 witnesses were there. ugh! i couldn't believe it. i shouldn't have been surprised. my mom is notorious for this kind of stuff.
"so, i guess i better go we are gonna go start our honeymoon in about 15 minutes" she says.
"where are you going...?"
"just to grandma's house."
my dad lives with my feeble old grandma...she is in the hospital..... and they are gonna go do it at her house!
gross. "you are not 16 years old anymore... you are 60! ugh! bye."
my last comment didn't seem to phase her.
so, now they are married and i hope they live happily ever after.
i called her a few days later and apologized for my behavior but, she didn't seem to have been bothered by the way i reacted. the reception is on hold until june so that my brother and his family can come.


La Yen said...

I love the Sparks clan for SO many reasons. This is one.

compulsive writer said...

Congrats to US because YOU started a blog.

Congrats to your mom and dad.

And "so, i guess i better go we are gonna go start our honeymoon in about 15 minutes" she says." are not words you want to hear from your mom and dad.

Really not!

Super Angie said...

YEA! SO happy you have a blog. Welcome to my world. :)

Yea for mom and dad. Boo for doing it in secret, but yea.

Lucky Red Hen said...

I think it's great they eloped. Makes it more heartfelt, I think. They did it without the pomp and circumstance. It'll be much more fun for the reception to be laid back and not have all the jitters about the weight of it. Maybe they'll have a committment ceremony or renewal of vows for everyone to witness.

c jane said...

That was the best First Post I have ever read.

Good story, great ending.

(Welcome child.)

nitzwood said...

la yen...i thought of you while i was writing this. just cause you and w are always entertained by my family. hopfully i can continue to provide great entertainment for all!

cw... thanks for being so good to me and yeah, who would ever want to hear that?

super angie...thanks for excitement angie. it is very scary for me to be doing this.

lucky...you would think it was great that they eloped. you always have a way of looking at things that makes me question why i react the way i do. did thatmake sense? i was upset at first, obviously but who really cares that we couldn't be there. i will be there when they go to the temple. when it really counts!

cjane..you are very sweet. was that the first, first post that you have ever read? don't tell me because it made me happy to hear that it was the best! thanks for making me smile.

Bek said...

Cathy... welcome to blogland. I also love the Sparks family (except I only know Cathy) but that is the best story ever....

Now we just need to see more pictures of your kids! :-)

Monica B. said...

So there really is a "Happily Ever After." My parents got divorced when I was little, and I think all kids wish their parents would get back together.

Welcome to blogland.

luckyzmom said...

nitzee, nitzee, nitzee, I dearly adore you and am so excited that you have a blog.

Now about this remarriage thingy. Looks like I am the only one who thinks that the way the news was conveyed was a slap in the face. After all,they are your parents. It wouldn't have been any harder for them to call and let you all know that they had dedided to go ahead and remarry on the origimal day. And, "we are gonna start our honeymoon in about 15 minutes", not funny.

AzĂșcar said...

Freaking hilarious.

b. said...

this is a good first post....you're good! But I've always thought that and wonder..."what took you so long?"