Tuesday, January 22, 2008

detroit weekend

over the weekend jase and i went to detroit with his brother, nick and his wife, miriam. we went to a lia sophia rally so that i could learn how to "raise the roof" on my business and also to promote jase's business...easypartyinvites.com. we had an amazing response and came back home super excited about it.

so, on fri. we spent the day talking to 700+ lia sophia advisors and some spouses. at about an hour into the day charity mentzer (my zone manager) came in to check us out and she was floored by what the boys had done. she sent her husband up to our booth and jase talked to him about what the company does (prints and mails lia sophia invitations-all automated). he was floored as well and asked jase if he would come and speak to all of the spouses at their meeting that night! so he did and what he said was..."my wife is totally unorganized and a procrastinator and i am the complete opposite. i am a minimalist. so, to keep her from having me write out party invitations, i came up with the idea to make it all automated."

i don't mind that he thinks these things...they are true. and one of these days my unorganizational skills will pay off with a housekeeper and a big house! and then i won't have needed to have been organized! right?


AzĂșcar said...

It's true: we're just waiting for a housekeeper, right?

Super Angie said...

YOU ROCK CATHY as does your husband!

compulsive writer said...

Me too--on the waiting for the housekeeper,

I'm happy for your roof raising--you really are so great at what you do.

b. said...

let me know when you get word about a good housekeeper....well, anyone actually.

Anonymous said...

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