Monday, November 10, 2008

Annee & Harvey

Today is Nick and Annee's Anniversary. I have had Annee on my mind all weekend. Saturday was the anniversary of her passing. I miss her.

For those of you that don't know...Annee is my sister-in-law. She is Jason's brother Nick's first wife. She passed away on Nov. 8th, 2005 from Primary Liver Cancer. She had be diagnosed a year and a half prior, just after giving birth to their daughter, Alli. She died just 2 days before Nick and her's 4 year anniversary.

I wonder what she is doing and if she is pleased with what "we" are doing? I have especially been thinking about Becky (her mom) and her siblings these past few days. It is amazing the progress that we can make after having gone through such a difficult trial. I think about Nick too. I know that he is happy even though she is gone.

Friday was the anniversary of my Brother-in-Law, Harvey's passing. He was my sister Dodi's, first husband. He was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer just a few weeks after Annee was diagnosed.

I think about him in a different way than I think about Annee. I wonder still what he is doing? I wonder if he is happy? I wonder if he is still in pain? and if it is more than what he experienced here? I miss him too. I also wonder about his family and all that has happened since he died. I pray that Dodi and her family can be happy now that he is gone.

I imagine that over the coming years I will still continue to think abou these 2 people that are family of mine. I imagine that even though we won't speak about them at family functions, we are all thinking about them. I imagine that we will all go through similar experiences with our own wives/husband, in-laws and more and I hope that we will all be stronger for having done so.

Annee and Harvey, I am still thinking of you!


thespackmanfamily said...

you are so sweet! I love this post. It just shows that you are always thinking of others. love ya

luckyzmom said...

So young. I often think of her and her child. That night with Nick doing laundry, the hot dogs and the remodeling tour. Still here in our thoughts.