Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween IS my FAVORITE Holiday!

I know everyone and their dog is posting about Halloween this past weekend...guess what so am I, but maybe my post won't be like all the others...let's see.

Friday morning I got up and got the kids' breakfast first thing, like always. Then I started prepping Ladd's costume for him to wear to school that day. Things went well with getting him dressed and off he went with Kenzie to the bus stop. The girls and I spent the day doing who knows what? We met Ladd at the bus stop where we were greeted by Anakin, Obi-Wan, Raggety Ann? and both the White and Red Power Rangers. After a few snaps of the camera by some of the other moms we were headed home where I was told by my very humble son "Mom, I had THE best costume at school! When we had the parade everyone kept yelling at me, COOL! Mario! That is the BEST Costume!" I was happy that HE felt so happy about his adorable Super Mario costume that I made. After We got home and got him stripped out of the Sweaty overalls (made of fleece). We had lunch and I noticed that I had missed a phone call from my friend Anita. I listened to the message and started to feel sick as i thought about what she had just said. "where were you during the Halloween parade at school? I looked for you and didn't see you. Just wanted to make sure everything was ok." OK. it was. 1 of my 3 children was at school and I was trying to get showered so that I could take 1 of the 2 at home to the doctor (on Halloween, mind you). So. I keeping thinking.."Am I the worst mom ever?" I don't think so either. What is this thing with parents going to the school to watch their kid walk by in the costume that they just dressed him in 10 minutes before? I had NO idea! We never had parents at school during our Halloween not even in kindergarten! By theway... i don't go to the bus stop either. and i only volunteered to help out in his class after the room mother called me and said " i am desperate. can you please help us out?" I must be the worst mom ever!

anyway, after lunch we were off to the doctor's office to find out why I haven't been sleeping for the past three nights? I mean, why Nora hadn't been sleeping. No reason. No ear infection. No sore throat. No diaper rash. No NOTHING! ugh. I haven't been sleeping for NO reason.

When we got home from the Dr. it was time for me to start getting ready for the BIG night. We had Trunk or treat at 5:30 and Jason was planning to be home at 4:30 so I would have plenty of time to paint his face! He was dressing up as Frankenstein and I was dressing up as his Lovely Bride so I had a makeup job to do on myself too. We got everything done and got to the church at 5:40. Not too bad considering...Jason had to drive very cautiously since I had to lean over in order to sit in the car. My hair was too tall to sit up strait and Jason could hardly see over it. Jason took the kids around the church parking lot and arrived back at "carleen" ( my Car/Van What? doesn't everybody name their car?) within 20 minutes! I was nearly empty handed and we were ready to scoot over to Becky's & Jeff's house for fabulous evening of Halloween Hysteric's!

We enjoyed taco soup, sugar cookies, orange bubbly w/ critter ice and the company of my friend Kim and her girlfriend Jenny (who is Becky's Sister)! We were having a great time when all of the kids come running downstairs screaming! "MOM! Sophie just blew chunks all over Kenzie's bedroom!" ( not exactly in those words). I jumped up and ran to her aid as she continued to vomit all over her beautifully crafted black and purple satin Witch Cape and her purple and black striped tights and her new black suede boots! Fun Night! huh? I spent the next 1/2 hour spraying and scrubbing as Jeff and Becky desperately sucked up ( with the carpet cleaning vacuum thingy) the yummy taco soup out of their child's bedroom floor.

Wanna see some cute pictures of our fun costumes? sorry. I don't have a one even though I had the camera near ALL DAY LONG!


luckyzmom said...

Thanks for sharing. Have a happy new day!

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Halloween is a great day and it is my favorite holiday too as you and i love this festival and i hope all of you had a great day.